Wednesday, August 05, 2015

M3 Life Journal August 4,2015

This is my first video for my M3 Life Journal. What I hope to do in these video is express my personal struggles with weight loss and to get a dialogue started round the area of health and fitness. I'm not exactly the thinnest guy and I don't have the best diet and exercise habits, so I think people should be able to relate to my struggles. I'm also doing this because getting in shape is important to me. Getting up and going to the gym in the morning is one of the hardest things I've done. I want make sure it sticks.

The reason for making the M3 Life community is asking people for their emotional support. Weight Watchers was such a success for me because I got a lot of people's stories in those classes. I didn't like the nutrition and exercise program, but the focus on mutual support and community was eye opening. I hope that I can get some feedback from others who are interested in being a part of larger community of supportive bears who are interested in fitness. I'd like to know what topics you'd be interested in discussing as it comes to physical and mental heath, self improvement, and spirituality. I want M3 life to grow much like many of the other areas of M3 life have grown, but I need your help.

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