Monday, August 10, 2015

15,08-09 M3 Google Hangout Live

I haven't published the M3 Weekly hangouts on the M3 blog, but each week we put together a three hour program that I tend edit into shorter segments which I then publish as the M3 Bear Essentials. Those edited segments are published each Tuesday and Thursday. I felt like people wouldn't watch the M3 Hangouts all the way through after we finish the live broadcast, but I might have been wrong. It seems like a lot of people actually sit through the entire program. I still think publishing the shorter segments is a valuable service to prove those who don;t want to see the whole things, but at the same time I should provide a home for the video on my blog. Still I'm not sure it would be appropriate to publish the entire video on the main blog, but that's why I've been using my own blog to such an effect.

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