Friday, December 23, 2016

The first season of Sense8 was an enthusiastic endorsement of the idea of connectivity. It was a show designed around the love of building community and connectivity wherever you could find it. It ended up being an earnest, joyful celebration of the universalities of human experience (with kick-ass martial arts). To say that it was the most hopeful show on television would not have been an overstatement. With that said I wanted to avoid a discussion of Sense8, the Earnest Joyful Show About Humanity’s Potential as Redemption of the Disastrous Year 2016. Sense8’s first season, after all, aired before Donald Trump even declared his candidacy. Almost a year and a half later, its “Christmas Special” appears in a world that considers global interconnectivity somewhat differently than it did in early 2015. A hack writer, I figured, would compare Sense8’s feeling of fundamental hope in humanity to the Trump and Brexit votes and general rise of right-wing “populism” in 2016, and I certainly wasn’t going to do that. And then Sense8 went and set the emotional climax of its “Christmas Special” to “Hallelujah” and I fucking lost it. I don’t think there’s anything more on goddamn brand for Sense8 than picking the most predictable for musical cue possible for a celebration of the universality of a single religion’s biggest holiday and somehow making it work. Let’s bear in mind that for many, the turning point of the first season of Sense8 was karaoke to one of the most cliched songs in the English language, “What’s Up” -- and then the Christmas Special goes and one-ups that in terms of earnest cliche that somehow actually engenders the exact emotional reaction it’s aiming for! (It’s also entirely possible that the song picked for the Christmas scene wasn’t originally “Hallelujah”--it is not diegetic in any way, meaning it could have chosen after Leonard Cohen’s death specifically to act as an emotional capstone.) Combine this with the global dance party AND a new orgy scene, and the “Christmas Special” was clearly making a play to be the most Sense8 thing to ever Sense8. Basically, Sense8 went and did the most goddamn Sense8 thing possible--and there’s no ground to complai

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

M3 Editor's Note August 10, 2016

Just finished editing the Donald Trump Show But I’ve made some breakthroughs in editing that has increased my productivity and may possibly change the way the videos look One of those things will be on focusing on getting some clear audio samples when we do the hangouts. This past hangout was amazing I got a chance to look at it again and we were much more engaged with the topics

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

M3 Editor’s Note August 3, 2016

Sex and Psychology video is finished and will be published tomorrow Derrick and Lonnie were fuckin with Xavier pretty bad, but he was a good sport. I was hoot.

#M3TeamThick Scully on the streets, mulder in the sheets. last account was disabled so he’s PG-13 now check out his tumblr at

M3 Editor's Note August 2, 2016

Thanks to Mark Gerald, Xavier, Lonnie and Derrick for joining the M3 Hangout this past Sunday

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

M3 Editor's Note July 27, 2016

Mind Droppings: Arguing With Yourself

I’ve been writing for more than a decade from newspapers to my personal blog and now Male Media Mind. But M3 is different. This is one of the first times I’ve been passionate about the topics that I write about. In the past, when I wrote for newspapers, I had to please my editor and I wasn't emotionally invested in the articles I wrote. If someone disagreed with me it wasn't that big a deal. When I wrote my personal blog I didn’t have much of an audience and I wasn’t out of the closet yet, so while it was a little closer to my heart nothing really got to me when it was criticized. Now that I’m writing what I want and people are engaging with my content, I get a lot more worked up when people criticize my point of view. I’m getting pushback on a lot of things I hold to be common sense and I am learning how to let go of some of my need to be right.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

M3 Editor's Note July 20, 2016


Thanks to Daddy Rod and Morgan Spec of Onyx SE for joining us for the M3 Weekly Hangout this past Sunday. Tanks also to DeVon for inviting them. Also to Mark, Gerald, Lonnie, Chris and Derick who participated this week. We'll also be doing an RNC hangout tomorrow after Donald Trump finishes his acceptance speech. We'll also be taking a break from the Weekly Hangout This Sunday, but make sure to look out for the M3 Entertainment hangout this Friday at 9 pm EST

Friday, July 08, 2016

Journal Entry: Fear is the Enemy

Last night I was too afraid to leave my house to buy cigarettes. With the news of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile dominating my news feed, I was scared. Not too scared to leave my house at all, just afraid enough to question the cost-benefit balance to wonder if it made buying cigarettes very unimportant. I woke up this morning to news of five police officers being shot in Dallas and I worried even more.  I've been avoiding the news for fear of being afraid. I mean I am scared and angry and worried about how things could escalate into chaos, but this is the world I have always lived in. I may be scared now, but the violence against black men isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s just coming into focus.

Editor's Note July 7, 2016

Testing out the Facebook Live function. There's a lot of dead air here because I didn't know what I was doing, but I'm really excited about the possibilities with using this live feature on Facebook to talk about M3 and to engage with our audience.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

M3 Editor's Note: Breaking the Silence

also watch
16,06-12 M3 Google Hangout Live
M3 Bear Essentials: We See You In Your Silence 

I was so proud of the Democrats who walked out of a moment of silence held in the House of Representatives for the Orlando shooting. I wondered aloud in one of our videos about how long it would take for people to move on from the tragedy. It brought me a certain amount of sadness to think that people would move on from this and nothing would be done about it. I hoped that this time would be different, but at the very least I knew that I needed to make a change. I’ve always been a political person, but I thought that being so blatantly partisan would turn people away. So keep some of my partisan views to myself. That seem silly to me now, because issues like gun control and equal right mean too much to me to keep silent about them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Editor's Note June 14, 2016

M3 Bear Essentials: We’re Both Men

I really enjoyed the conversation we had last week and I realized that there are many more depths to the conversations we have about tops and bottoms. It makes sense that people who are uninitiated to gay culture would find the concept of one of the men in a gay relationship being "the woman", but why do some gay men adopt this view as well? To some gay men, the moment a man has bottomed they have revealed their true colors and immediately lose interest. Why? That to me is a much better question there where have all the full tops gone?

Monday, June 13, 2016

M3 Editor's Note June 13, 2016

M3 Google Hangout Live

In place of doing an M3 Bear Essentials video about the shooting in Orlando, I composed a short Editor's Note explaining why I chose not to create a video on the topic. We spent a large portion of the M3 Weekly Hangout discussing the news as it broke Sunday. I'm sure in the coming days we'll talk about it more. You can view Hangout here: ‪#‎malemediamind‬

M3 Meets E3 Tonight at 8pm EST

Join Chris Inpaq Sutton and the bears of M3 for a discussion about the latest news in gaming from the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo We go live at 8 pm EST time and will be taking questions from the audience about the live streams and expected announcements this year.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Editor's Note June10, 2016: Instagram


When I joined Instagram about two years ago I had no idea it would become something I’d use everyday. It was just an experiment in micro blogging. I was intrigued, but I didn't like it at first. It required me use my phone to post. But soon I came to see the power of the platform and now it’s the largest following M3 has to date.

We are quickly approaching thirty thousand followers and it all comes from being a consistent user of the platform. It’s almost like an obsession of mind. I will make nearly hourly posts trying to space them out and vary the content. One of the things that makes Instagram so useful is that it can post to multiple platforms at one. So while I’m posting to Instagram I’m also posting to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. And while other platforms offer this feature, Instagram makes those post much more accessible.

One of the things I’ve recently started doing is featuring followers on out page. I look through the notifications to see who's commented or liked our posts and I direct message then to ask if I can feature them on our page. It’s a great way to reward our active followers with added exposure.
If you’re not on Instagram yet it’s something you should strongly consider.And make sure to follow us

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Editor's Note June 8, 2016

What Is M3? We're an online community based in many different points of interest. I ask a lot of questions of our members and contributors to stimulate informative and entertaining conversations. We hold several online hangouts each week to further connect with our community and we hold impromptu and scheduled real world meet ups to further deepen and enrich the connections made online. Whether you're interested in comics and geek culture or you're into  politics and social justice, we cover a lot of topics and news items. Make sure to visit our website to connect to all of the social media platforms and get involved.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Editor’s Note June 7, 2016

M3 Bear Essentials: Interview with Khalid El Bey

Just wanted to thank Khalid El Bey for joining us this past Sunday. Also to Derrick Jones and Gerald Hogan for participating in the interview. I asked Khalid to provide some resources for those who would be interested in learning more about the leather scene and some of the events and organizations we talked about in the interview. I’ve updated those posts and want to bring to your attention some of the resource he provided.

Additional Resources

More info about Khalid
Links to Onyx chapters
Onyx T.E.A.C.H. info
Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend info
International Mr Leather info
The Ties That Bind on Amazon
LeatherSex on Amazon

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Khalid El Bay joins the M3 Weekly Hangout

M3 Google Hangout Live
Facebook Event: Sunday June 5, 2016

Join the bears of M3 as we welcome special guest Khalid El Bay, Leatherman of Color 2016 and contestant in the International Mr Leather contest in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. We'll be discussing his experiences in the leather and kink community, IML and we'll be taking audience questions live. It should make for a stimulating discussion. Sign up at the Facebook Event and you'll receive a notification when we go live tomorrow at 2pm EST 

Friday, June 03, 2016

Editor’s Note June 3, 2016

We did our weekly Game of Thrones recap with additional topics that may not have kept fresh till the weekend. We talked about Harambee and the internet reaction to his shooting. What was going to be a thirty minute recap turning into an additional hangout for this week. You can join us for any additional hangouts by subscribing to M3 on YouTube. Make sure to join us for the M3 Weekly Hangout each Sunday at 2p EST and tonight for the M3 Entertainment Hangout each Friday at 9 pm EST. Each of those hangout have Facebook events where we’ll post the link to view life if you’re not subscribed to M3 on YouTube. I’ve been making a few changes to the way I organize the topics for the M3 Weekly hangout. Typically I’d wait till the weekend to collect the topics and organize them into a show, but I’ve been making daily efforts to post in the five M3 Facebook groups to try to stimulate conversation. We’ll see if this results in more robust topics this Sunday.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

M3 Editor's Note: Feb 9, 2016

Thanks to all of those who joined us for the M3 Weekly Hangout. If you missed the live broadcast you can watch it here. We'll be taking a break this weekend, but we'll be back to our regularly scheduled live broadcasts the following week. Make sure to visit to learn more about all of the communities M3 has to offer

Thursday, January 28, 2016

M3 Editor's Note: January 28, 2016

Make sure to join us this Sunday as we speak with Jay King Holliday about Big Boy Pride and other topics important to the big boy community. Click here to sign up for the event  You cab view the conversation live this Sunday at 2pm EST and ask a question or comment in the Q & A I also talk about the New M3 Politics group on Facebook

Monday, January 25, 2016

M3 Editor's Note: January 25, 2016

Google Hangouts is a video conference app that allows us to broadcast our discussions live on YouTube. We meet every Sunday 2 pm EST and every Friday at 9 pm EST to discuss various topics from the M3 groups. This video explains what Google hangouts is and how to use the Q and A function to communicate live with the M3 contributors during the show. Thank you to the M3 contributors and viewers who participated this week. You can view yesterdays hangout here:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

M3 Editor's Note: January 23, 2016

Please join us for the M3 Weekly Hangout each Sunday at 2pm EST

We'll be discussing the question below as well as the current issues of the day. We'll also talk about topics from each of the M3 groups and the M3 Hot topics posted in each of the M3 communities.Thank you to the M3 contributors who joined us for the M3 Entertainment hangout last night. We had a lot to discuss since we were off for a week. We'll also discuss some of our adventures in Atlanta over MLK weekend the following question inboxed to us by a viewer: