Wednesday, August 03, 2016

M3 Editor’s Note August 3, 2016

Sex and Psychology video is finished and will be published tomorrow Derrick and Lonnie were fuckin with Xavier pretty bad, but he was a good sport. I was hoot.

#M3TeamThick Scully on the streets, mulder in the sheets. last account was disabled so he’s PG-13 now check out his tumblr at

#M3HotTopic What does it mean to you to live a life true to yourself and not for the expectations of others? #MaleMediaMind

Instagram just got stories - I’m loving it

#M3PoliticsTopic What do you make of reports that Republicans are having buyer’s remorse over heir presidential candidate? Are they overblown? What options do dissatisfied republican have at this point? #MaleMediaMind

#M3EntertInmentTopic How fair is Rotten Tomatoes to superhero movies and geek culture in general? Is it possible to correct for the biases of movie critics? #MaleMediaMind

#M3LifeTopic what are your thoughts about astrology? Do you zodiac signs predict personality? #MaleMediaMind
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