Friday, June 03, 2016

Editor’s Note June 3, 2016

We did our weekly Game of Thrones recap with additional topics that may not have kept fresh till the weekend. We talked about Harambee and the internet reaction to his shooting. What was going to be a thirty minute recap turning into an additional hangout for this week. You can join us for any additional hangouts by subscribing to M3 on YouTube. Make sure to join us for the M3 Weekly Hangout each Sunday at 2p EST and tonight for the M3 Entertainment Hangout each Friday at 9 pm EST. Each of those hangout have Facebook events where we’ll post the link to view life if you’re not subscribed to M3 on YouTube. I’ve been making a few changes to the way I organize the topics for the M3 Weekly hangout. Typically I’d wait till the weekend to collect the topics and organize them into a show, but I’ve been making daily efforts to post in the five M3 Facebook groups to try to stimulate conversation. We’ll see if this results in more robust topics this Sunday.
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