Saturday, August 22, 2015

Editor's Note August 22, 2015

Had a good time guest hosting the M3 Entertainment Hangout last night. (you can watch the video here) I'd like to thank Corey Drummond, Jose Oquendo Mojica, Lonnie Richardson, Breeze Vincinz, Ali Lopez, Ja'Won Blackmon and Mark Estes for joining in on the discussion. It was the first time I've hosted the Entertainment Hangout while Mark was away. The whole thing went smoothly. Mark was missed, but it was cool to see him drop in for a little while drunk off his ass and having fun at a friend's wedding. I really am looking forward to getting the M3 Gang together to talk about the things that interest us. I'm also making sure to have another conference call today to discuss the topics that will be brought up in tomorrow's hangout. We had conference Tuesday which cleared up a lot Hot Topics, but I need a better handle on the current events and make sure I'm caught up on the trending topics people are most interested in discussing.

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