Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Video Journal 7-28-14

I respond to some of the criticisms that I privately received. I have to admit that it is character building even if at first I didn't want to hear some of the things that were said. I needed to strengthen my own skin and accept that even intelligent people will not always see things for what they are. I explain that M3 is not really a blog meant to be filled with a panel of experts, but rather we are a group of friends who talk about our experiences and try to spark a dialogue within our community that is contractive and entertaining. We not excluding white people, straight people, or thin people from our blog. We just happen to be who we are and we welcome anyone who is interested to be a part of of M3. But we're proud to be bears of color and as frustrated as I can be with some of the hangouts, I still stand by my contributors. II know I need to take criticism better and in the end reading this was probably helpful. I also made it to the gym today and finished my article even though I was dead tired. I think the working out think is really giving me some mojo and I really like it.

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