Thursday, May 08, 2014

Quick Note

Just had a interesting conversation with Breeze about naivety and it has sparked a writing jag for me. I'm hoping to bing it up in the next hangout as well. Why do we mourn a person getting realistic about life? It seems like the loss of childhood should be something we celebrate. It came up because we get a lot of questions from young men in the gay dating scene who just can't come to grips with how unfair it all is. By this point in my life I've abandoned those notions that kept me from accepting the world as it is. I also have quite a bit to say about hope and how abandoning hope in some situations can be a good thing.

I'm also looking to compile the notes for the hangouts by Thursday now so I can call everyone up and get them thinking about the topics about 48 hours ahead of time. I still need to make the trailer for the events and I'm working on making the audio from the hangouts into a podcast. Lots to look forward to for this weekend.
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