Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Editor's Notes, New Video Trailers, and Updating the "About M3" Section

How The Editor's Notes Got Started

I decided to revamp my old blog in order to give members of M3 an inside look into the workings of our organization. I originally wanted to post on the main blog, but it didn't make sense to place these in the main news feed. After each Saturday hangout I wanted to write a wrap-up post explaining what we talked about and what our viewers had to look forward to in the week ahead. We have a pretty tight schedule of posts and after the hangout I'm pretty exhausted. So when Breeze came up with the solution of posting these notes on my personal blog and linking linking them to the main blog, I jumped at the chance.

New Video Trailers

We need a new trailer for the hangouts. Before we go live each week, the contributors and I plan out our topics for the show. Once the private hangout starts, Google creates an event. In the event there is an option to post a video trailer. I'm currently working on creating a trailer that will explain what the hangouts are about. We could also use the videos the post in the Facebook events. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my creative endeavors, so I've been working on this way too long. Eventually I give up and go with what I've got. My goal isn't necessarily perfection, but rather the best that I am capable of. I just never seem fully satisfied with the result. I'm hoping that mentioning it here will force me to get it done sooner.

Questions about Joining the hangouts

I often get inboxed by members asking to come on the show. I don't want to be rude to these people because I really do appreciate their interest, but we put a lot of work into getting ready for the hangouts each week. I know it looks like we're just having a conversation, but in many ways that is an illusion. The trust and friendship that has built up over time between us rare. We're currently not looking to add any more people to the hangout, but rather, we're looking to improve the ways we conduct the hangouts to make it run smoother. So I may want to convey that in the trailer for the hangouts if I can.

Demonstrations on how to share and the "About M3" Section

I'm also working on a new ending to the Bear Essentials videos that will have a demonstration of clicking the share, like, and comment buttons in YouTube and Facebook. I also want to make a new video for the about section of the blog that are updated and more concise. Right now our description is a little wordy and the video is outdated since I've changed the look of the Tumblr. I want people to be able to quickly find out more about M3 if they are new, and while the videos should help with that, I think I can be more succinct in my description.

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