Monday, May 12, 2014

Notes on the Live M3 Weekly Hangout 5-10-14

This past weekend I was not feeling to good. My seasonal allergies were really getting to me and I wasn't getting the amount of sleep I needed to recover. It's amazing how things can still come together even when you feel like shit. I wish our special guest, Ali Lopez, got to see me at my best, but I take comfort in the small victories. At least I didn't fuck it up. I wanted to have all the topics planned out by Thursday and review them with our regular contributors. I didn't. I will in the future. It felt a little like free falling when we're not prepared. Life send me a parachute most times, but next time I'll be prepared. Watch the hangout here

Something else I learned last week is I have to do a technical checklist. My computer was running fairly slow and I wasn't able to keep up with he conversation. This has been a problem from the beginning from time to time with so many people on the call, but it rarely happens for me. After the hangout all I needed to do was to clear some disk space and reboot and everything seemed to run smoothly.

I also realized that what we do can be important. Not many people come to me personally for advice, but when they do I'm usually surprised. I had someone close to me ask me for advice and I presented it to the panel Saturday. I can't say for sure if the advice we gave was the best, but I think we did a pretty good job. I was honored just to be asked and who knows, if could be helpful.

Looking at the week ahead, I still have to complete the trailers for the hangouts and the channel. I still want to update the footers and intro for the show so that it will be more clear how to share and like and comment. I also want to do an audio intro incase we want to move over to an audio format. Thinking about this ahead of time sometimes makes me anxious, but then I remember about all the things we've done and I remind myself of how far we've come already.

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