Sunday, May 18, 2014

Post Hangout Wrap Up for May 17, 2014

We've yet again managed to have a great hangout on little more than a wish and a preyer. I've been making a point to call people days before the weekend to get a better idea of who will be able to join and to get them thinking about the topics before we start our planning session before we go life. This week I wasn't able to get a commitment from anyone. As it turns out I was calling a few wrong numbers and I didn't even consider Tony because he's usually busy of Saturday, but he messaged me to see if we could do the hangout. I was at that point just planning on it being Tony and me when Trebor, James, and Gerald also joined in. You can watch it here

Without much of a topic list we just went through the group and started talking about the issues that dominated the group over the past week. Michael Sam and the kiss seen around the world seemed to dominate at the start of the week, but it was soon overshadowed by the Solange Jay-Z controversy. We talked about what summer movies we were interested in seeing and got into some relationship topics posted in the new M3 Undercover group on Facebook. As always I want to thank our audience for providing feedback and questions during the hangout.

We're also gearing up for a full interview with Ali Lopez next weekend so there is going to be a change in the format for next week and James and I will review Tuesday and soon we'll start churning out the promotional material for the event. As always we appreciate the participation of our audience and we hope that if we promote it properly we'll give them a chance to ask him questions live while on on air. We're working on a structure to make the questions and answers flow better and to allow Q&A at the end of a series of questions.

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