Monday, May 26, 2014

Note on The Ali Interview 5-24-14

Ali was a great sport in the interview we did this past Saturday. James wrote up an interesting set of questions for him and the panel and audience expanded on a lot of them. I felt like we may have lost focus at times, staying on one or two questions too long here and there, but  overall I felt we kept up a good pace. I'm glad that Ali was as open as he was to answering all the questions and keeping things upbeat even when we got into difficult territory. I hope Ali will continue to join us a as a regular guest. He added a lot to the conversation.

We're working on making some video previews for the video segments for the Instagram account. I noticed when I posted them on Facebook that they tended to get more reach than the pictures or links. I feel a little amateurish in the video production game, but I think practice and continued learning is the way we get better at anything. Breeze makes everything look better with his professional level graphic artwork. I would like to be on the same level with my video editing and writing. It's something I will be working on for sure.

We've got some exciting things coming up for M3 in the next few weeks and I'm glad to say that we're always thinking about ways we can improve our content. So if anyone has any suggestions contact me or any of the other editors. We love to get constructive feedback.
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