Monday, January 14, 2013

The Male Media Mind

Launching my new blog today. Put a lot of work into it this weekend. There's a lot of work left to do, but I'm already proud of what we have built and am looking forward to getting the conversation started. I have two great authors who will be posting about the things that matter to them. And we have so many ideas we have to pace ourselves to not get burned out. We have big plans for the blog and it will be a journey implementing the things we have in mind.

Of course the morning of the launch my internet connection is down. Luckily we got all the hard work done over the weekend.
Now I can post from my phone without needing the crappy cable internet service that goes down three times a week. I have an iPhone 5 which has faster more reliable internet service my ISP. I must admit the technology humbles me at times. The internet really has connected me to some amazing people and I wanted a place online to share all the things I love and care about with them.

I launched the new blog as The Male Media Mind because I see it as a way of collectively helping our friends learn and grow with us while being entertained and stimulated, it's not a one man show either. We have contributors to the blog who share our philosophy of raising the level of media they consume and helping promote and share the things we like. Men come in all sizes and colors and you are just fine the way you are. No one needs the shame some of us have so unfortunately endured for our desires and bodies.

We also wanted to express that we have more to say about the world than we are given credit for. We're about showing people the things they want to see but are hard to find. We're going to make it a lot easier to find the thick guys you like. We're going to celebrate the regular guys. Let's break some stereotypes and show the world we have ideas about politics and philosophy and life that are just being missed by mainstream media sources. And let's give credit to the people and outlets that get it right.

I hope you will join me and my contributors at and join the conversation by subscribing and commenting on our daily posts.

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