Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking Care of Yourself

I can remember thinking about fitness for at least half my life and I've yet to reach any of my goals. Even though I haven't reached any of my goals I realize now that I'm much better off for my efforts even if I don't have the ripped body that I always wanted. I learned some things about myself along the way. I found that is possible to enjoy going to the gym. In fact I think that's why I've been doing so good is because I actually get something tangible from the experience of working out. I always leave the gym feeling better than when I go in.

I just like the experience of working out. I get on the elliptical I start going and my head just starts to feel in tune with the music. I also just get to listen to a lot of cool music. Pandora is awesome by the way. Today I supposed to be going to the gym and it's raining. In fact there's a tornado warning and I doubt I'm going to make it today. But it's bumming me out. I really want to get my routine on.

I also noticed how working out seems to have improved the rest of my life. I just feel better. I sleep better, I feel more focused. I can deal with the changes of life a lot better. And In my mind I know I can do things I set my mind to because after all I did do this one hard thing and I'm sticking with it. At least for now. I started a blog and a YouTube Channel with my boyfriend. I cleaned dishes today  I never do that! Really did it so I can continue to eat better

I noticed that I lost weight the other day. I don't want to look too closely becuase I think if I do the results will turn out not to be real. But I took pictures and weighed myself and both seem to indicate the weight loss is real.
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