Friday, January 18, 2013

Say Everything by Scott Rosenberg

So starting a new blog wasn't as hard s I thought it would be, but by no means was it easy. There were days where I was frustrated by people's lack of enthusiasm for promoting and writing posts. There were days when I felt like throwing my hands up and quitting and it's only been a week. However the whole time I was going through this process I was reading Say Everything which was a great book about the history of blogging. It really gave me perspective and made me appreciate the tools that are averrable to me now.

It also solidified the concept of the blog. What is it's papoose? As a writer I just saw it as a way of self publishing. I wanted to write and I needed people to read it. Now I understand blogging as a conversation. That my posts are only half of the equation and that I really need to get people to read and invite them to be a part of the process.

There was also a lot of talk about standards in the book. At what point do I think censorship is a good idea? The title of the book is a little misleading because you really can't say everything. Censorship is necessary to keep from getting in trouble. You have to expect the people in your life to run across your posts even if they don't have a computer because so many people will be in their social network it can till get back to them via word of mouth. And ultimately you want to be proud of it. At the same time I had to be clear that I am going a bit further than I feel comfortable with the people in my life seeing. I'm leaning into the discomfort and trying to break new ground.

My philosophy of the new blog thick gay men of color who aren't ashamed of what they like. I also want the blog ro reflect a certain maturity while at the same time showing hot men in all their glory. So there are stories about politics and science and philosophy mixed in with links to hardcore porn. I never understood why so many people look down on porn then turn around watch it while no one is looking. Why not celebrate what we like and still try to be tasteful.
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