Saturday, December 20, 2014

Editor's Note for December 20, 2014

So I’ve been thinking about reviving my blog for 2015. It’s something in the back of my mind for sometime now. I started by creating a blog and testing it out. I really like the features that they have over Blogger, but it seems like it’s not worth the immediate investment. I want to post on my personal blog and so I will think about reviving my video blogging especially since I now have my iPhone 6 plus. It does open me up to criticism from everyone and that can be scary especially since there are a lot of assholes out in the world, but at the same time we’re all vulnerable to these types of people and it’s best that I build up my tolerance for them now.
I remember when there was a time when I did the video editor’s notes because I thought I didn’t have the energy tow rite for my personal blog all the time, but then after Labor day I started keeping a daily journal and it seemed like I could easily clean up some of the posts I was writing and place them on my personal blog. It’s not going to be the best writing, but at this point I really would just like to practice writing as much as possible to improve my skills. I’ll still continue to write in my private journal, but every once in a while I’ll copy sections out of my journal to edit and publish. I want to say I’ll do it once a week, but I can’t say that will manage to keep up that schedule. I think I should just do it when it feels right and hope that it’s at least once a week. 

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