Friday, January 23, 2015

Editor's Note January 23, 2015

Just finished the conference call with my new contributors and I'm very excited about the content that we'll be producing over the next week. I'm cooking diner now and will review the popular news stories of the past week in order to prepare for the hangout tomorrow.

Making the video in this post was really helpful in preparing for the conference call tonight and I plan on making it a regular practice in running M3. I think we had a productive meeting, even though many of us were busy and had to multitask. I think it went well because I put in a lot of extra time preparing for the meeting and I clear sense of purpose. I'm taking my role as editor seriously as I bring on new contributors.

I want M3 to succeed as a business and in it's mission. M3 is by far a labor of love. From the beginning, I've wanted M3 to be the place where black bears can find solidarity and comunnity. Not everyone is going to get along and I'm not expecting that, but I do want to provide something of value and I think there's no way around the fact that making continent day in and day out in going to take a sustained effort.

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