Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Some Feel Good News

When Chinese fisherman Cai Tu hauled in a 200-pound, 100-year-old sea turtle, he knew he had to do the right thing and release the endangered animal. The decision wasn’t easy: Cai could have earned two months’ wages by selling the delicacy to a restaurant, where it would have been made into soup. “I looked into that turtle’s eyes and saw something that was alive before my grandfather was born, and I didn’t want to be the end of that journey,” he said. “I figured he had earned his right to enjoy the rest of his days in the deep.”

An anonymous millionaire has been hiding envelopes stuffed with $100 in cash all around San Francisco. The real estate investor says he’s just giving back to his community, and he’s already distributed $5,000. “People complain that the price of real estate here is pretty high, and I have benefited from that,” he explained. To make things fun, he gives clues about the drop spots on the Twitter feed @HiddenCash. Soon he’ll expand his hunts to Los Angeles and New York City. “It’s not a lot of money,” said one lucky recipient, “but the camaraderie it brings out in people is a lot of fun.”

Three hours after a woman disguised as a nurse abducted a newborn baby girl from a Quebec hospital, the infant was back in her mother’s arms thanks to social media. Police promptly flooded Twitter and Facebook with pictures of the suspect and a description of her car. Four young friends recognized her as a former neighbor and called the police when they found the alleged kidnapper at her home. Minutes later, baby Victoria was safe and sound. “It was a beautiful moment,” said mother Mélissa McMahon. “The police officer cried, the nurses cried, the investigators cried, and all the doctors too.”
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