Monday, June 09, 2014

Editor's Notes

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week's hangout. It was a great time and a very enlightening conversation. Click Here to view the full hangout. I really appreciate that the guys kept the hangouts going while I was gone last week. We've always had good topics, but when I recently got a new app on my iPad they seem to have gotten a lot better. I have been keeping up on the latest news and talking it out with the guys days in advance. It's been a real pleasure to be able to talk through the important issues of the day with a group of such intelligent men. I find it personally enjoyable and I think the conversations we have on air are valuable to our community as a whole. After I finish this post I will editing a few of the topics down into shorter videos to post on the blog in the coming days. 

I'm also making sure to keeping up on the written posts for the blog. Not all of us are writers on M3 and life being what it is we're bound to miss our written posts from time to time, but I feel very confident that Breeze and I working together with our contributors and guest writers will be able to get two to three written posts published each week. We don't have set days yet for each columnist, but I think that soon we will find our rhythm. Tomorrow Breeze is publishing his review of season two of Orange is the New Black and I am finishing up and editorial about masculinity and gun violence. Breeze and I will be working with James and Vaughne to revamp their personal blogs in order to increase the frequency and consistency of their posts. We're also reaching out to other bloggers to get additional written material.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to have a conversation with Quinno Rashad who is a video blogger. You can view his YouTube Channel and see why I'm excited to possibly have him as a guest. We're also going to reach out to other writers and bloggers to see if we can do anything to help promote their work. It's very exciting and I'm looking to forward working with some new people.
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