Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More GOP crazies

People who know me will confirm that my fiscal track record is unlikely to garner an appearance on The Dave Ramsey Show. If a problem has two possible solutions, one costing $10 and the other $1,000,000, however, even I have enough fiduciary stock to be invested with that choice. I would not fail.

Barak Obama has a birth certificate problem. I know about the $10 solution because I read about it myself on Hawaii’s Department of Health (DOH) website. All Barak needs to do to get a certified copy of his birth certificate is go to the Hawaii Vital Records web page with a credit card, and for about the cost of three packs of smokes, they’ll ship it straight to the Oval Office. Strangely, Barak has chosen to pay high-powered attorneys about $1-million to make sure his birth certificate doesn't ever see the light of day. I don't know what the big deal is about $10 but maybe he wants to economically stimulate the attorneys. Or, maybe he's intimidated by the Internet. All I know is, the Obama team defined “tech-savvy" during the campaign, so I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon enough.

Lots of Americans believe Barak Obama’s a genius, a “miracle worker,” practically “divine.” Why Louie Farrahkahn even says he’s “the messiah.” He’s so smart, in fact, that he is healing the U.S. economy, right before our very eyes and for the first time in recorded history, by profligately taxing and spending it back from the brink of eternal destruction to the mount of economic transfiguration. They say he’s gonna do it with Cap and Trade (whatever that is) and Health Care Reform too. Every other country that has tried has failed, but they didn’t have “the messiah.”

I may not be an economic Einstein, but I'd spend the ten bucks and have certified copies of my birth certificate mailed to every plaintiff who has filed suit in a U.S. court alleging that I’m ineligible to be President because I never produced it. I’d never have guessed that spending a million dollars on attorneys to keep my birth record private is a better idea than the ten dollar option, but I guess that’s why Barak Obama is in the White House and I’m still paying rent.
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