Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to argue with the irrational

Homosexuality isn't illegal, though it wouldn’t be surprising to find a large number of Americans who think it should be. When pressed for the reason why some appeal to religious dogma is likely to be sited. These are the same people who rail against the intrusion into people’s everyday lives in the form of heavy-handed government regulations, yet they are the people who support bans on gay marriage. Of course gay couples will still live as a married couple if they so choose, so why shouldn't they be able to enter into a committed union like everyone else who wants to? After a few rounds of back and forth with someone who want to legislate homophobia you realize that their arguments aren’t rational, so do you persist?

As far as religious arguments go there shouldn’t be any dispute that homosexuality is a sin. It may not make you comfortable and you may not agree but it is right there in black and white and any argument with a Christian trying to support their backward ideas will show it to you if you don’t believe me, just concede that from the get go. What you should not concede is the idea that homosexuality is somehow a worse sin than any other. Somehow gay sex is so sinful that Christians can’t stop talking about it. It has become a bigger sin than all the others and it doesn’t follow any logical argument that it should be elevated to such a high status. It was a choice they made to elevate it and persecute people with because scripture certainly doesn’t single it out as all that important.

And why are they making a religious argument in the first place? If they love America so much why do they hate the freedom of religion? Most people who are against freedom of religion also believe they have a patent on patriotism. Show them how patriotic you are by noting how beautiful a thing the constitution really is. America is in existence because people we looking for freedom from religion, that and to make money. Yes and mention how much money you’re denying caterers and florists who could use the work a bunch of gay wedding would bring. Ask them “Why do you hate America so much?” that should put them in their place. And while you may not want to stoop to such a low blow remember you’re not arguing with a rational person. Say, “If you loved America you’d respect the Constitution and the separation of church and state.”

If you’re going to get into an argument with these people you should understand that they’re argument have no merit and you shouldn’t attack them head on. A number of people with power and resources have interpreted that God does not want gay people to get married because homosexuality is a sin. They may have not chosen to cheery pick verses but someone they listen to has chosen to ignore a lot context. God is also a big supporter of the oppressed. So keep this in mind when getting into a religious argument over homosexuality. Use the story of a group of men about to stone to death a promiscuous woman, they talked to Jesus and He said to them: "he who is without sin cast the first stone." As everyone knows, everybody stepped away.

While people were donating millions of dollars and spending exhaustive hours trying to stop gays from getting married, they could have spent all that money on feeding starving children or paying for medications for those who can’t afford it. While they’re holding up signs saying “God Hates Fags” they could be helping battered women find the courage to leave their abusive husbands or counseling those at risk of committing crime. Are there really that many Christians out there that think God is less concerned with feeding children than He is with how two men love each other? And if He did then why is this a God you worship?

The reality of the situation is that gay marriage is inevitable. One by one every state will legalize it and those millions will have gone for nothing. Any non-believing gay person is now going to be about five times more disinclined to be receptive to a message about Jesus, God, and the Bible because of the negative connotations that have been pressed upon a large majority of the Christian faith. Morality is built on the foundation of a simple tenant, the Golden Rule, do unto other as you would have them do unto you. What would it be like if somebody came along and told them that you couldn't marry the person you were in love with? Gay marriage won’t destroy society, if anything, banning it is only going to encourage promiscuity. And in the end isn’t promiscuity a greater threat to marriage than anything else?
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