Saturday, October 03, 2015

Mind Droppings: On Social Justice

I’m starting this videos series because I have a lot of ideas on my mind that I’m want to share through M3, but sometimes as the role of the host and moderator I have to take a step back and allow our guests and contributors have a chance to speak their mind. So often I’m left wanting to say more than what I can on M3. Other times I just want to make sure that my position is clear. So this is the first video for my YouTube series I'm calling Mind Droppings.

For this first video, I asked why I talk about social justice issues so much on M3. It’s not as if I’ve personally been the victim of discrimination that many times. Sure I have some bad experiences I could talk about, but none of them rise to the level of being remarkable. Still I find myself extremely passionate about defending the rights of the marginalized. It’s not something that I feel I need to justify, but it was something I wanted to investigate. 

Often when I make topics for social justice issues I’m not trying to come up with solutions. I’m usually just trying to make a framework to talk about it intelligently. When I ask a question in the hot topics, most of the time I don;t expect an answer that will satisfy my curiosity, but often I do find better questions. My goal has always been to raise our collective consciousness, to think more deeply about issues of justice. What are the causes of racism and homophobia? Those might be some very difficult questions to answer, but by asking them I put it out there so that our audience will at least think about it from time to time. Maybe from those questions they will find better questions to ask of us. 
I hope that in this video I make some progress with my own inquiry into the realm of public policy. My hope is that I will make one video each week on different issues, And I hope that I will find an audience willing to ask question back.. 

I have found so many inquisitive minds through M3 and I felt that I should doing more to engage them. The things I want to talk about are sometimes more sobering than the issues that are most popular on the M3 blog, so I’ll make sure to keep talking about them here, in my own space, and allow the M3 community to dictate the topics they are most interested in. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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